Mara #2 is in stores and on ComiXology today!

As superstar athlete Mara Prince’s superpower manifestation is caught on live TV, her life rapidly starts to spiral out of control. The media descends like vultures. Her handlers go into spin mode. The footage is seen around the world, and this young woman, who only hours ago was the darling of pop culture, is now being slammed and ridiculed for being a fraud and a liar. But the more she tries to fight back, the only thing she’s doing is escalating the problem. A sci-fi take on real world superheroes by the powerhouse team of BRIAN WOOD, MING DOYLE and JORDIE BELLAIRE!

Here’s one of my favorite panels from the issue along with the cover. You can preview or buy Mara #2 right over here.

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    Also worth noting the artist is a supremely talented WoC and the colorist is a woman as well. And the comic just rules...
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