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Gearing up for a new full length Lemon Demon album. In the meantime, I combined various singles from the last few years into a damn Bandcamp EP!!

7 tracks for $4. now that’s what I call a music

Lemon Demon - Lemon Demon previews???
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10 new track previews from the ever-upcoming Lemon Demon album!!!!

title: idk

release date: idk


It’s that time of year, Christ Masstime, so get your mittens on the Lemon Demon EP all about being cold and getting gifts.






Eighth Wonder

The only video collaboration my boyfriend Neil and I have worked on together so far. His song and video, my lettering!


Our love is a great work of satire:
A subtle critique.
Postmodern, a mocking masterpiece,
Right up there with the Greek.

I’ve been satirizing ever since
The first day we met.
Our love is a great work of satire
That you just didn’t get.

Every time we kissed,
It was right up there with Swift.
Red roses and champagne…
It was right up there with Twain.

Our love is my personal soapbox now;
A sarcastic affair
Exploding with irony and burlesque
Right up there with Voltaire.

I meant not a single tender word
That I ever said.
Our love is a great work of satire
That flew over your head.

(Flew over your head.)


Listen/purchase: The Satirist’s Love Song by Lemon Demon

Lemon Demon - Two Trucks
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TWO TRUCKS. Get it for a one dollar bill on Bandcamp

SO CATCHY ♫ (oh yes)!


I love this panel from Mara #3.
Did everybody spot the Lemon Demon flyer?

Easter eggs are extra fun!


I love this panel from Mara #3.

Did everybody spot the Lemon Demon flyer?

Easter eggs are extra fun!

New Lemon Demon Christmas EP




$5 to download, free to listen. 

I drew the creepy cover art for the new Lemon Demon Christmas EP! Look and listen, my yuletide sweeties!

Check out these SPOoOooOoOKY new button designs I whipped up for Lemon Demon

Eighth Wonder of the world, you’ll never get to see.

Eighth Wonder of the world, you’ll never get to see.

REAGANOMICS, an unfinalized preview mix from Neil Cicierega/Lemon Demon's upcoming album! Love where he's going with this one.

Are you unhappy girl
In this confusing world
Where everything you earn
Is getting left to burn?
If it were up to me
Then living would be free
And I can give you that
And I can give you that

Take Adrien Brody on every Quest with these sweet stickers!


You should definitely buy some of these.

Hey gang, just a reminder that Lemon Demon and Potter Puppet Pals will be making their yearly appearance at Youmacon in Detroit, Michigan! November 3rd - 6th!

The Lemon Demon concert will start at 6 PM on Friday. The band’s been practicing hard, there are a bunch of never-before-performed songs on the setlist, and there will be a ~dazzling~ array of specially edited backup video, hacked and slashed together by Neil!

Potter Puppet Pals will be at NOON O’CLOCK on Sunday. Alas, Emmy can’t make it this year, but Alora, Neil and I will be performing the 45 minute long magnum opus we presented last July at Leakycon, featuring my favorite new song which is not in any videos thus far, “Wizard Treats.” Chow down on magic!

Hope to see some of you there! And if you can’t make it to Detroit this week, PPP is also working on some live dates on the East Coast this winter, and who knows what the future shall bring for the glorious warriors of the Lemon Demon band?! Hopefully some more of that glory stuff, glory is always nice.

Our friend Ryan Murphy made a beautiful music video for “Kaleidoskull,” the opening track to View Monster, Neil’s 2008 album. 

Ryan Murphy is the absolute best.